Website Design & Development

by Shane Reaume

If you are in the market for a custom web application, then you came to the right place. Having goals of building an outstanding portfolio, I am offering San Diego businesses, discounted prices right now for that over-the-top website we both can be proud of.


A CMS or Content Management System basically allows you to work in an administration area under another abstract easing some of the complexity. Popular CMS include Joomla or Wordpress with many new ones coming out all the time. We offer these builds based on your project needs and do the research so your project can scale as your business grows. We also factor in the ability to update and add security patches so our job is easy when you call us for future modifications. The goal with a CMS is for you and your staff to be able to do basic updates and add content without the need for a developer or engineer.


Website Applications are becoming increasingly popular so that a business can offer a service, keeping their customers happy and connected at all times. These can be built in a CMS, but due to typical custom features, many times this requires a framework, special libraries and unique security features.
Typically a web-app is going to be for managing data or single task project that is custom. If you need a standard website to blog or make make multiple structured pages on the fly, you will likely want a CMS.

Automation and Native Desktop Software

I love working on Python projects that involve data management, automated web scraping and other projects you can do as a local app or simple script. I also enjoy working with Selenium for testing and other tasks, like price confirmation and the many other uses of Selenium. Submit a problem and I am sure we can find a solution. Tasks can be automated and managed by me, or I can create custom GUI's and/or executable files with various options. Quotes are free, so just submit what you are looking for.